FREEDUM mastermind Bensh Zombori has launched two projects in the past - BENSH and GODS - both of which garnered substantial airplay as well as licensing deals, leading to tours in Austria, Germany, the UK, US and Canada. Freedum is a brand new project, but Bensh has earned his stripes in the game. 


-  Self titled debut album released by Wohnzimmer Records (Vienna)

-  FM4 'Album of the Week'

- 'Unnatural' on Heavy rotation in Austria

- Eurosonic Norderslaag 2015

- Bars en Trans Festival 2015

- Video cooperation for 'We' with Sabrina Ratté (Suuns)

  Directed by Bensh Zombori, nominated for

  Berlin Music Video Award

- Featured in Vice, Berlin Art Link, FM4,

  ORF (Austrian Broadcasting Corporation) Evening News

- Clubtour in Austria, Festivals performances in Germany, France and Holland

More info on the official GODS website. 


-  Debut album Clues released through Bensh's own label

   Odd One In Records, distributed by Hoanzl (AT), 

   Broken Silence (DE) and Plastic Head (UK)

-  Promotion grant by the Austrian Music Fund (Öst. Musikfonds)

-  Debut album Clues FM4 Soundpark Record of the week

-  Lead single Doubt on heavy rotation in Austria, 

   airplay in the UK (BBC) and Germany (various stations)

-  Heavy airplay of 'How Come Nao' on FM4

-  Track on rotation at BBC Wales,

   Airplay on several European stations

-  Doubt Featured in NPR Blog All Things Considered

- Video for Doubt nominated for Berlin Music Video Award 2013

-  Bensh shortlisted for Austrian Amadeus Music Award

-  Doubt on FM4 Sound Selection 23 (Universal Music)

-  Following a radio campaign with Planetary Media

   airplay of 'Doubt' on 140+ college radio stations

-  Clubtours in Austria and the UK

-  Festival Tour including SXSW 2012, NXNE,

   Canadian Music Week, Liverpool Soundcity,

   Popfest Wien, Popkomm Berlin

-  Licensing of Doubt to ORF Format 'Bauer sucht Frau'

-  Licensing of Doubt to Short Movie 'Ausreichend'

   (dir: Isa Prahl), winning numerous awards

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