I believe that real music can be more than a catchphrase,
and I believe that a true, authentic creative voice will always be the most exciting way forward, for artist and audience alike.
The process of finding my real voice is ongoing. It already comes through strongly in some of the tracks below. And there is more on the way.
To quote myself from an upcoming Freedum song we are recording right now: 
'I'll be running with the wolves just to feel more
I don't really need my face on a billboard
But OK  - I'll show all those fakers
Truth has a million takers.'


This video for OMG was directed by Thomas Bailey and Carlos Lopez Estrada (who just premiered his movie Blindspotting at Sundance Film Festival 2018 and is known for his work with Clipping, Daveed Diggs, Watsky, and many others). Shot in Los Angeles.
PASSWORD: freedum


This playlist containst a preview of the upcoming FREEDUM debut mixtape. All tracks writen, recorded, performed and produced by Freedum / Bensh Zombori and Sion Trefor in Berlin, Germany and Cardiff, UK. Mixes are still rough, but you get the idea! Several tracks will be mixed by Cardiff based mixer and producer Ed Boogie. 
(reference: Action Bronson). Upcoming remix commissions include a track for Little Big (Brighton Beach) and Jaako Eino Kalevi (Deeper Shadows). 


We are busy producing the next clip for the track 'Warrior Saint'. Shooting took place in Beirut, Lebanon and will wrap up in Berlin, Germany. 


'warrior SAINT' - Video in Production

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